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7 Things Nobody Told You about House Renovations

Renovating a home is a process of regeneration and renewal, it is like spring coming into your property after a cold and extensive winter. However, going through a home remodel can be terrible, stressful, and challenging. Every home is unique and a result every renovation will always come with its unique set of surprises along the way, whether it is a failing roof, poor wiring, or costly asbestos job. When renovating, it’s advisable that you should always expect the unexpected, particularly when dealing with an older home. Read on to know 7 important things that nobody will tell you about house renovations Dublin projects.



When renovating your home, it is best that you write everything down. You will be dealing with suppliers, contractors, and tradesmen and mistakes can be made and miscommunications can occur. You may even hear something different from what was really said. Therefore, it is best that you keep everything written down so that you do not forget. When everything is in writing, you can be confident that you will not have any misplaced warranties, get the wrong depth of refrigerator or get a wrong tube size showing up. Throughout your home renovation process, there will be some issues that you would wish later on that you would have written something down. It will save you more money and time along the way to have things written down.

You might go Over Budget

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Unfortunately, it is true that you will surpass your set budget. In your remodeling, some things will be unexpected while others will just cost more than what you anticipated. Some homeowners even get to almost double the amount they had budgeted before. When you are renovating a home that you will live in for the next 5, 10, or even 20 years, you never want to cut corners because you know you will be in the property for a while.  Be sure to work with an experienced contractor so that you can create a realistic budget that you will adhere to.

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Your Renovation will take longer than Anticipated

When it comes to a home renovation, you will definitely surpass your timeline. No matter how much you push yourself, you should be realistic if you do not want to end up being really disappointed with your contractor. New things or problems may crop up during the renovation that may delay the work. This may be a tough pill to swallow, especially if you really want to get your life back on track quickly, but it is one of the things that you should always be prepared for.

It Will Take Time to Make Your renovation Perfect

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The truth is that you are not going to be in love with your home renovation once it is complete. One day, you will realize that you would wish the wallpaper to be somewhere else or have a different color for your wall, or the rug that you ordered for the living room does not look right, and many more. You need to give yourself time to make these minor adjustments as you settle in your home. With time, everything will be perfect just like you want it to be. It is best that you give yourself about a year to make the little finishing touches and get the perfect remodel.

Renovating is Difficult

Based on the scale of work you are carrying out, you must prepare yourself for some practical issues during the renovation process. For example, there are times that you may have to do without basic services because of moving boilers, consumer units, electrical meters, getting laminate flooring installed, wood flooring and many more. You should also plan ahead because your project may delay at the beginning when dealing with utility companies. Another thing you will have to deal with is dust, but you can minimize it by sealing off the working areas to keep the renovation work outside as much as possible. 

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Craft a Schedule of Works

You should create a schedule of works before you start any work on your home renovation. Without a realistic schedule, the entire process will become chaotic, with handymen overlapping and jobs that could be done at the same time may be completed separately resulting in more expenses on your side. Your schedule should list the work that needs to be done in your home, and in what order. Apart from having one schedule for the whole project, it is best that you beak the project down into several phases like loft conversion, moving bathroom upstairs, kitchen extension, bathroom renovations, etc. and have a schedule for every phase.

Keep Your Windows

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When renovating your home, it is best that you keep your original windows whether metal or timber. You must do everything possible to rescue your windows before considering complete replacement. For windows, repairing them is quite easy even if they have extensive damage. Environmentalists recommend that provided your original windows have at least 50% remaining, then repair them instead of replacing them. You will end up saving a lot of money when you keep your original windows.

Taking on a remodeling project is both a tough and rewarding experience for any homeowner regardless of the scope of work involved. However, unlike building a new house, with renovations, you will never start with a blank page. As a result, remodeling a home can be quite complicated and many are susceptible to unforeseen expenses and issues. Therefore, you must always be prepared and hire the right contractors if you want to have a successful project. It is also greatly recommended to get your house painted during any type of renovation project in order to get the most out of your home.

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