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Importance of Planning Permissions for House Extensions

Getting a house extension or home renovation can be quite an exciting, although disruptive time for any family. However, when planning to improve or extend your house, there are many things to consider and question. Based on the property you live in or your development project, you may have to apply for planning permission or your extension may fall under permitted development.

Should You Paint Your House During A Renovation?

Every homeowner will carry out a home renovation project at some point in time. Home renovations may range from simple projects like minor kitchen upgrades to complex projects like tearing out or rebuilding a bathroom or kitchen. Most of us will agree that during a renovation, painting your home can refresh, update, and transform your home

Greatest House Painting Tips 2020

Painting the exterior and interior of your home is one of the major home renovations that you are likely to handle. Whether you need a full paint job or just need some touch up on a few areas, there are several things that..

Important Things to Do During Any House Renovation

A renovation project may be exciting and fun to start but may end up frustrating and cost more than you think. However, there is always a feeling of satisfaction when you complete your home improvement project and admire the final handiwork. Whether you are renovating for profit or want to transform the building into the home of your dreams, remodeling any home is a monumental task.

How to Have a Successful House Renovation

Today, many homeowners prefer to renovate their homes instead of buying a new one. Remodeling is less expensive and it can give you a better space that is beautiful and comfortable like a brand new home. However, house renovations need lots of planning just like building a new home. Whether you are remodeling the entire house or just a few rooms to enhance their look, there are several basic principles

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Common Mistakes Done During a House Renovation

A home renovation is one of the best things that you can do to enhance the functionality and look of your home. If navigated smoothly, a house renovation can be one of the most rewarding investments that you will ever make. However, if not handled correctly, renovating a home can be challenging and you may fall into costly and tricky mistakes. It is best to know these mistakes so that you can avoid them and guarantee a safe and sound renovation process.

Top Reasons Why You Should Do a House Renovation in 2020

Getting a renovation will give your home a whole new fresh look. Additionally, you will have the chance of improvising different problem points that really need to be fixed. With a house renovations project, you can save yourself the stress and hassle of looking for and buying a new property. Furthermore, you will end up with a more functional and stylish home that will cater to

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7 Things Nobody Told You about House Renovations

Renovating a home is a process of regeneration and renewal, it is like spring coming into your property after a cold and extensive winter. However, going through a home remodel can be terrible, stressful, and challenging. Every home is unique and a result every renovation will always come with its unique set of surprises along the way, whether it is a failing roof, poor wiring, or costly asbestos job.

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How to Add Space in Your Home with an Extension

Small house extensions can help to boost the value and space of your home. A well-designed and modest extension can be quite transformative, bringing in extra daylight, improving flow and circulation, linking existing spaces, and changing the aspects of a specific room. Whether you are considering a loft conversion or adding a porch, a side turn home extension

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