We do lots of work with renovating and installing bathroom furniture in Dublin. If you have any furniture that you plan on updating, don’t rush it. Give us a call and we might be able to either refurbish your old furniture, or install a new set for you.

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Types of Bathroom Furniture we installed before

Fitted Furniture

Fitted furniture is a good way to save space in you bathroom. It will allow you to have a modern looking piece of furniture which is also a storage are for small bathroom items. Getting Fitted Furniture installed is also a good way to conceal ugly pipe work that can be hidden behind the unit. There are many different layouts of fitted furniture available to install at ATRenovations.

Modern Bathroom Furniture Installing

Free Standing Furniture

Free Standing furniture typically takes up a little bit more space than the usual fitted furniture, but it also has its benefits. This type of furniture is easy to install and can usually be done alone. Also since its not installed and glued down to your floor , you can easily take it with you when you move houses or even just move the furniture to a different spot.

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Need your floors done also?

We have been flooring in Dublin for over 10 years now. When you get a flooring job done by us, we will measure and consult with you about the job free of charge if its needed. You can sleep safe with your new floor, since we give you a 3 year warranty on all flooring work.


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Why choose us to install your bathroom furniture?

Quality materials

Our Experience

We have been working with installing Bathroom Furniture in Dublin for the past 10 years now so we know whats best.

Award winning

Fair Pricing

ATRenovations company has a fairpricing policy which allows to get you a cheap and affordable quote.


Efficient Team

Our professional team has been trained to follow the latest installation techniques to do an efficient job.

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Modern Mirrored Wall Cabinet Installation

Mirrored wall cabinets

Mirrored wall cabinets are a good addition to any bathroom and they barely take up any space at all, Instead mirrored wall cabinets give you more space to hide small items like toothpaste and shampoo. This unit comes with a mirror attached to a little closet which is usually hung above the sink. If you would like to get a mirrored wall cabinet installed, please give us a call today.

Vanity Sinks Installation

Vanity Sinks

A vanity sink is another modern way of giving yourself that extra bit of space in a small Dublin bathroom. These sinks are quite common because they can conceal all the ugly pipework inside of them and make it not visible outside. A vanity sink can range from being very narrow, cheap cabinets that hold a small sink to very expensive cabinetry that looks like an antique piece of furniture and holds a large sink onto of it.

vanity sink

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Why is it important to get new Bathroom Furniture?

Having a Bathroom Renovation done with new furniture is installed is important because it is one of the most visited rooms during the day. Also a bathroom is one of the most important rooms for buyers when you try to sell your house in the future. New Bathroom furniture is needed when your bathroom is outdated and old looking, contact us to install yours today and make it fit with the trends this year.


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