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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

1.     Use your tub to make a statement

Unless they’re replacing their tubs with saunas, homeowners often overlook this basic element when renovating their bathrooms. The tub offers you a great chance to express your home style. You add luxury and complement your bathroom’s style by adding veneers or applying panels. Use natural stone to accomplish a rustic look or white breadboard to achieve a chic theme. If your budget is tight, you can use composite materials or synthetic veneer.

2.     Use a barn door for your bathroom

barn door in bathroom

Typical bathroom door upgrades involve hardware installation and repainting. Your bathroom door can make your home more memorable by installing any type of barn door. This option continues to trend because it saves space, is easy to install and looks amazing. The most popular design for this bathroom door is a wooden barn door that hangs from iron tracks. Other options, such as glass barn doors, are also available.

3.     Go with faux wood for your tiling

Enhance your bathroom’s spa appeal with faux wood tiles. Many spas integrate water, greenery and wood into their design because natural elements, even the Faux variety, provide a soothing effect. Moreover, these tiles effectively unify your home’s interior design. Many leading interior designers use flashes of consistent materials, such as faux wood, across various spaces. Integrate varying scales of wood accents in different rooms for a unified atmosphere. The cost of faux wood range from $2 to around $13.

4.     Add a concrete overlay on your sink

You can give an edge to your bathroom vanity without having to replace the boring laminate. In addition to updating the hardware, replacing the mirror, and repainting the cabinetry, you can use a concrete overlay to cover the laminate. The concrete overlay opens limitless options. You can create an industrial aesthetic with a concrete overlay or create speckled or marbled finishes using pigments or additives. Unsettling as it may feel to slather your counter with concrete, your sink will look brand new if you do it well.

5. Expand storage capacity using vertical space

Storage is not one of the strong suites of bathrooms. Still, you can find creative ways to add space. You can use vertical space to increase the storage capacity of a single cabinet. Walls offer much potential for décor that is functional. For instance, you can add trendy floating shelves that don’t take up a lot of space.

A Few More Renovation and Maintenance Hacks for Your home in Dublin

Whether you choose to hire a home renovation contractor or you go the DIY route, there are few more things you need to know so that you stay within your budget and complete your renovation within the time you planned. You can consider these home renovation and maintenance hacks.

  • Install central air conditioning. This isn’t hard, especially if you have an expandable forced hot air system. Hot water baseboards, electric systems and forced water steam systems can be a bit harder to reconfigure.
  • Use clear wall and ceiling finishes. Lash and plaster give your walls and ceilings a professional finish. Just make sure you plan ahead as the cost of plaster walls usually rises as they age.
  • Ensure you have proper drainage. Your home repair costs stay are easily manageable when your drainage system effectively gets rid of moisture, grime and dirt. Handling drainage problems soon prevents more expensive problems down the line.
  • Check the landscaping. Have an expert inspects the root structures of trees on your property. Aggressive root structures can damage your home’s foundation and drainage pipes.
  • Complete a routine inspection for your home. Periodically conduct informal inspections of your home to monitor its state. Once a year, have a professional conduct a routine inspection to ensure everything is in top condition.

In addition to following these tips, make you have a good working understanding of the state of your home before bringing in a contractor. That way, you can make wise decisions about which improvements to make based on the advice of your contractor.

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