We specialize in making sure that your bathroom looks new, modern and trendy. Bathroom renovations are one of the most beneficial things that you can do to your home in Dublin.

Bathroom Renovations Dublin, Ireland

What's done during a Bathroom Renovation

New Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiling

New Bathroom Tiles

Getting your tiles done when doing a bathroom renovation in Dublin is essential as your tiles are one of the first things that any visitor will see when entering your beloved house. At ATRenovations we have a large selection of tiles available and lots of different tiling materials ready to be installed by our Professional installation team.

Full Bathroom Renovations

New Tub Basin

When doing a Bathroom Renovations Dublin, we almost always replace old tub basins with new modern looking tub, or even better, with a stylish modern walk in shower. A walk in shower is mainly preferred these days as they look modern and take up much less space than a traditional bath tub would. We can install any bath or shower you can think of but they usually come in 3 shapes: Rectangular, Square or Pentangle, give us a ring to discuss which will suit you best.

new Tub

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New Drywall & Paint

We Paint

New Drywall & Paint

It is a must to get your Drywall replaced when getting a Bathroom Renovation done in Dublin. We will remove your old drywall and install new modern style drywall. After your drywalll is installed by our renovation experts, we will proceed to painting your drywall to the color that you desire. If you are not sure on what color to go with, we can do the picking fr you and make it suit your new modern bathroom and decor.

Modern Looks

New Toilet

To have your bathroom looking modern and fresh, we recommend you get a new toilet installed which will fit your decor and tiles. Toilets that were installed with the house purchase can often be outdated and old. There are a lot of toilet designs out there, such as one piece toilet, tankless toilet, square toilet, wall mounted toilet, elongated toilet, two piece toilet and the list goes on. Give us a call to discuss what toilet will fit your bathroom renovations Dublin.

New Toilet

Why Choose

Why choose us to fix your bathroom?

Our Experience

Our Experience

Our team has a bunch of experience in fixing and repairing bathrooms in Dublin. We are experienced and affordable.

Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

Our company has a fair pricing policy which allows all home owners get their bathrooms fixed or renovated.

Efficient Team

Efficient Team

ATRenovations team is highly qualified and efficient at renovations. Each team has a specific job to do which makes us efficient.

Need your floors done also?

Fixing your bathroom is one part of the renovation. Sometimes you need to fix up other parts of your home too. Having your floors looked after is a great way to add the extra value and appearance to your home. If you need to get your Flooring done, make sure to check our laminate flooring deals out.

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Bathroom Renovation Dublin

Getting Your Dublin Bathroom renovations done

Before calling up any builders or companies to do work for you, make sure that you have a list or some sort of Idea about what you need to get done during your renovations. Things that you should think about would include, tiles, floors, do you need to get the Toilet updated? Do you need to get the shower updated? If you can, its better to create a list and then discuss that list with your builder so that you both will have a good Idea on the jobs that need to be completed.

Find your builder after you have made up your mind about what needs to be upgraded and what not. The easiest way to find a builder would be having a local search around your Area. Its always best to have a local company to do work for you as its easier to contact them and work with in the future. Once you found a local builder, make sure to ask for some previous work done by them, preferably some images from the same area that you are located in.

Have a Budget set for yourself so that you can plan out properly what can be done and what can’t. Having a budget is very important because it allows you to decide specifically with your builder on the work that can be carried out and what type of materials that can be used.

Get a renovation quote from multiple reputable builders. This allows you to get a better understanding of the price that is involved for your renovations. When you are getting your quote, make sure to ask the company to include the price of materials and labor costs. Once you get your quotation from all the 3 companies, you can then proceed on figuring out who is the better fit for you. Don’t always go for the cheapest option and make sure there is a balance between the price and the experience of the builders.

Add Plants to your rooms to make them look more modern and trendy. Adding plant is a easy and cheap way to make your home look much better than it did before and for no price at all. Consider adding some furniture that the plants can be placed on so that it becomes more purposeful and cozy.

Think about the ventilation that you are going to install. Good ventilation is extremely important to get all the bad smells out of the room quickly. There are different types of ventilation available, such as an axial ventilation or centrifugal ventilation. A Axial ventilation typically connect through a wall and these are used when the air doesn’t need to travel very far. Centrifugal ventilation is designed to be used for rooms that are far away from an external wall and they can travel air along ducting for long distances but this makes them quite noisy sometimes.

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Why is a bathroom renovation important in Dublin?

Getting your bathroom done by a professional team of builders in Dublin is highly important to increase the value of your home. Did you know that a bathroom is mainly looked at before buying a home? Its also important to get this job done because a bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in the whole house during the day. Make sure to get in touch with us for a free quote today.

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