We specialize in Bathroom Suites at ATRenovations, making sure your bathroom looks at its best always. When doing a bathroom renovation, we recommend to install a bathroom suite to achieve that final modern look. Drop us a message and we will consult with you on your Dublin Bathroom suite.

What are Bathroom Suites?

Modern Bathroom Suite

Modern bathroom suites typically come in  4 – 5  pieces, these include a shower, sink, water taps and a toilet. Sometimes to create a modern look, you need some simplicity and it can also be the cheapest option. This is also called the minimalist design, nice short and sweet. In turn you get a modern looking bathroom for a minimum price. An easy item to add is some type of plant to add a more inviting and modern look to your bathroom.

antique bathroom

Antique Bathroom Suites

Antique bathrooms look just as nice as modern bathroom, but different home owners have different opinions on this one. Antique bathroom suites usually consist of about 2-3 wooden pieces of furniture. The wood is carefully carved with extreme detail to create its unique look. Antique suite bathrooms are also usually more expensive than modern bathrooms due to the nature of hand making the details in wood.

Why to choose ATRenovations for your bathroom?


Our Experience

We have been working with Bathrooms in Dublin for the past 10 years now so we know whats best.

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Fair Pricing

ATRenovations company has a fairpricing policy which allows to get you a cheap and affordable quote.

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Efficient Team

Our professional team has been trained to follow the latest installation techniques to do an efficient job.

Need your floors done also?

Try Laminate Flooring

If you would like to try something else, give Laminate flooring a go. Laminate is made from pressed wood and is usually much more durable than traditional Hardwood. Laminate flooring will also resist scratches, moisture and wear and tear. Click the button below to read more about laminate flooring. See Service

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If  you would like ATRenovations to renovate and install one of our modern or antique bathroom suites, please send us a quote online or call us today. If you have some special requirements, please let us know so that we can prepare an accurate quote for you. We will contact you the same day as you send us a quote request.

Why is it important to get a Bathroom Renovated?

Having a Bathroom Renovation in Dublin done is important because it is one of the most visited rooms during the day. Also a bathroom is one of the most important rooms for buys when you try to sell your house in the future. A bathroom renovation Dublin is needed when your bathroom is outdated and old looking, contact us to update your bathroom and make it fit with the trends this year.