We are the best in Fitting bathroom tiles all over Dublin. With our experience in this trade, we can assure you a quick and stunning job done by our expert tile fitters. We have many tiling materials and designs available, so give us a call to find out more.

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ceramic tile

Types of bathroom tiles we install

Ceramic Tile

We have lots of bathroom tiles available to install at ATRenovations but one of the most common materials we use is ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are the most used because they can be applied for a wide variety of applications. Ceramic tiles are great for use on floors, under mirrors and even on walls. They are easy to install and easy to clean them afterwards without loosing any color. Also ceramic bathroom tiles come at one of the best prices for tiles in Ireland.

Bathroom with Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile

The porcelain tile is the second most common bathroom tile installed at ATRenovations. The porcelain bathroom tile differs a bit from the ceramic bathroom tile because it has the ability to look like natural stone, brick or wood and without any future maintenance. The Porcelain bathroom tile can even be used outdoors as they will not crack since they can’t freeze. Other applications of this tile are common as a kitchen tile and kitchen back splashes.

bathroom with porcelain tile

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Bathroom With cement tiles

Bathroom with Cement Tile

Cement Tile

Cement bathroom tiles are not as common as the other two, but they come with some great patterns and designs. Cement bathroom tiles have been originated in the 19th century and are still widely used till this day. A benefit of having Cement tiles is that they have the ability to be sanded down with ease if they ever get worn out and start loosing their beautiful patterns. The only drawback with cement tiles is that they are quite hard to lay and need to be resealed every month or so.

Bathroom With Marble Tile

Marble Tile

Marble bathroom tiles are a beautiful piece of work, once you add Marble tiles to your home it will instantly create a modern and elegant look to your house and bathroom. Marble Tiles usually cost a bit more that the standard ceramic tiles but they are worth the extra penny. They also require a little bit of maintenance to keep their new and modern look which would include giving them a wash every couple of weeks and keeping the bathroom tiles clean.

Marble Tile

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We have been flooring in Dublin for over 10 years now. When you get a flooring job done by us, we will measure and consult with you about the job free of charge if its needed. You can sleep safe with your new floor, since we give you a 3 year warranty on all flooring Dublin.


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We have been working with Bathroom Tiling Dublin for the past 10 years now so we know whats best.

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Why is it important to get your Bathroom Tiling done?

Having your Tiles done is important because the bathroom is the most visited room during the day. Also a bathroom is one of the most important rooms for buyers when you try to sell your house in the future. Bathroom Tiling is needed when your bathroom is outdated and old looking, contact us to update your Tiles and make them fit with the trends this year.


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Granite Tile

ATRenovations has also installed the granite tiles in a few bathrooms before. Granite bathroom tiles are made from a natural stone that has a similar look to some of the marble tiles out there but sadly granite has been used by so many homeowners that it now looks like a cheap marble bathroom tile, but everyone has their own opinions on this. If you would like to see some more bathroom tiling, give ATRenovations a call or send us a free quote.

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