Get your Commercial Painting Dublin done at ATRenovations today. We have a special team that will look after all your commercial properties, such as gyms, offices, schools or even shops. Give us a call for your commercial painters quote today.

Why choose us?

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Cleaning policy

When we do any painting project, we ensure that we clean up after our-self Always, you wont even know we were there!

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Friendly Staff

Our staff team is carefully picked out to be one of the best in Ireland, the team is friendly, presentable and mostly important, Efficient.

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Work Times

When doing a painting job, we are flexible when it comes to work hours, so no need to interrupt your business time.

Types of Commercial buildings we paint

office painting dublin

We’ve decorated and painted everything from small commercial spaces to large office complexes all over Ireland. An office is an essential must have for all businesses to succeed, and keeping it painted regularly is even more important. We work with businesses all over Dublin and have fixed up some pretty old offices, which now look brand new.

ATRenovations has painted a large amount of schools in Dublin to the fullest over the years. Having a School painted is important to have, since there is a lot of student coming in and out regularly and the school halls painted will create a great atmosphere for the kids. We work side by side with the school, to ensure that all the work is completed during the school holidays if needed.

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gym painters dublin

We have painted multiple gyms in Dublin already, ranging from big to small. Having a Large gym painted is extremely important, because a gyms paint is what will give the gym an specific atmosphere which is loved by all the hard working members. Its also important to fix up the walls and repaint regularly to keep it nice and fresh looking since there are probably hundreds of members walking in and out of a gym each day.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality retail painting and decorating, being quick and efficient while also providing an affordable service. Our store painting service will help improve your customers first look appearance to a fresh new coat of paint. We have painted many stores already, so we know the ins and outs once we get started.

retail store painting
appartment painting

Our Team can cover both the interior and exterior work for large block apartment buildings. We make every effort to ensure that painting and  decorating is as un-disruptive as possible. Fast and effective, guaranteed. If a paint job is needed of a whole apartment building, either for a renovation or just for yourself, it can be done at time when there are less people in it.

A few tips to follow when getting your Commercial Property Painted.

All companies and businesses need to have some sort of offices and public areas to keep their clients coming, so having your business office or any area in your company painted regularly is highly important. There is nothing worse than a big company with badly painted walls or old paint falling apart. We are here to help you with that, we have painted a number of commercial buildings in the past, ranging from offices to gyms and even schools, so we know the sus, give us a call for a free quote today.

Pick a time when you would like us to paint your building so that it wont interfere with your business. Picking a good time is important especially if you have regular customers walking in and out of your building. If you own a gym or any type of public building which is open during the day and closed at night, we recommend to paint it at night when there is no customers around, and we totally support this.

Pick the amount of paint coats needed for your commercial gym or office property, or you can discuss this with your painter, since he will more than likely know better the amount of paint coats that are needed for your type of surface. All Surfaces are different, so the ammount of paint coats needed can be different, but usually it ranges from 1 – 3 coats on 1 wall.

Get maintenance support us if you need it. We offer a maintenance support package which means we will regularly come by and paint up any areas that need to be fixed up in your commercial property. Places like gyms and schools need to be fixed up regularly since there is a lot of people attending the building on a regular basis.

Choose the paint yourself when starting any new project, this is usually the best option, since you can only paint a large building once every couple of years, and if a bad color is chosen, you’re then in trouble, so make your color choice and pick the type of paint you want to use before even calling a painter. Of course any of our painters can pick the color for you, but its always safer to pick yourself as everyone has their own opinions, especially for places like gyms because the paint color will make it look and feel much different  by creating a specific atmosphere. 

State you’re expectations when getting a quote or talking with a painter company, so that they can get you a more accurate quote for the job. Just stating the amount of paint coats needed for a painting job might not be enough, so you will have to think about things like, does the painter need to sand down the previous paint job? does the painter need to come at a out of hours time to do the work? are the walls clean and ready to be painted on?. All of these play a big role in the quote price and the commercial painters in Dublin will get a much better understanding of what type of job is require for them to do.

Some of our previous Commercial Painting work

Get A Painting Quote from us

If you would like to get your Commercial area painted, please send a quote request to us, or you can contact  our Dublin painters at 016274717. For us to get a better and more accurate Commercial painters Dublin quote for you, please describe with some detail about the job required, try and include thing like the paint coats needed, the type of commercial property you need to get painted, extra materials that could be needed.

Why is it important to get your Property Painted?

Having a nice and painted  property is important because paint is essentially what adds character to your property. If a commercial area is painted poorly, it will only last for a couple years before it all starts falling apart, but if a commercial property is painted by ATRenovations, it is certain that your paint job will last a lifetime. Its also important to choose a good color to suit your house, if you have a hard time deciding which color to paint your house in, our Dublin commercial painters will be more than happy to help you out.


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