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Common Mistakes Done During a House Renovation

A home renovation is one of the best things that you can do to enhance the functionality and look of your home. If navigated smoothly, a house renovation can be one of the most rewarding investments that you will ever make. However, if not handled correctly, renovating a home can be challenging and you may fall into costly and tricky mistakes. It is best to know these mistakes so that you can avoid them and guarantee a safe and sound renovation process. Listed below are some of the common remodeling mistakes that many people make.

Skipping the Planning and Designing Steps

planning and designing a renovation

To successfully complete a house renovation, you need to have a detailed and clear plan in place. You should take measurements of the home and take them again. Before you start your renovations, you need to know the tools and materials that will be used and their exact purpose. When you fail to plan early enough, you may end up with issues like running out of building materials, incorrect installation, and other mistakes.

Buying Cheap Materials to Cut Costs

Renovating a home can be quite expensive. Most homeowners will try to cut corners and save money by buying the cheapest materials possible. This can cause materials to fail during the entire remodeling process or in the near future. Cheap materials will also result in a renovated space that is not aesthetically pleasing as you would expect from premium quality materials. In the event that your cheap materials fail, you may have to buy better quality materials all over again and also remove and then replace the low-priced materials.

Tackling Too Much At Once

This is one of common mistakes that most homeowners do. They handle one renovation project and get into another one before completing what they started first. In the end the whole house is in disarray and instead of having a satisfying job, you end up frustrated, in tears, and have a house that seems like a never-ending mess. It is best that you focus on one project at a time instead of tackling multiple house renovation projects at once. The truth is that renovating a home is stressful and you need to focus all the energy on one area to keep your budget intact and your home clean.

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Failure to Get Permits

renovation permit

Even the minor renovation projects may require one or more permits. While you may know several homeowners who have done home renovations without permits, you need to get one. If the renovation is discovered by the local authorities, you may be forced to pay a fine or remove the new structure completely. The worst case scenario is that your home may be condemned until the entire structure is removed. Therefore, to be on the legal side of things, make sure that you get the necessary permits before getting started with the renovations.

Opting for DIY Renovations

Renovating a home is expensive and there is no getting around it. Many people opt for DIY renovations when they compare their price of hiring a building contractor and the price of materials. Furthermore, the prevalence of house renovation shows on the internet and TV make most people think that Do-it-yourself is a perfect solution. However, homeowners should only go for DIY renovations if they have proper skills and expertise. If you rely on guesswork, you may cause more damage and problems later on. If you have never handled large-scale renovation projects or have no knowledge of wood flooring or electrical work, then it is best that you hire professionals for all your renovations.

Selecting the Lowest Estimate

If you decide to hire renovation contractors, the first thing you must do is get estimate from different contractors. Once you get the quotes, you may be tempted to save money by going for the lowest quote. However, there must be a reason for the low costs and you may end up missing out or cutting corners on important services. Ensure that you research extensively so that you can make an informed decision. Be sure to check online reviews and confirm whether they are part of professional bodies. With a company that offers competitive pricing, you can be confident that you will get quality services and the best renovation possible.

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Going Over-The-Top

Getting too trendy with home renovations may backfire in a big way. This is true especially if the renovations do not fit in your neighborhood. For example, getting a luxurious bathroom or kitchen in a neighborhood with homes that go for $200,000 will not increase the price of your home if you opt to sell. This is because buyers will be more concerned about looking for affordable homes. Buyers with bigger budgets will be focusing somewhere else and those in a modest neighborhood are likely to be turned off by a higher price. When carrying out renovations, you never want your home to be the nicest in the neighborhood because it will not increase the market value of homes in the block. In most cases, the more average homes are likely to pull the value of your house down so go for renovations that match up your home and your neighborhood.

Neglecting the property’s Entrance

It is important that you have the perfect bathroom or kitchen. However, most renovators tend to forget about the presentation of their property. The first things that your guests will notice first are the driveway, the lawn, and the entry to the front door. The look of all these areas will create a lasting first impression on your guests. When renovating other areas of your home, be sure to also plan for your veranda, door hardware, deck, and the overall presentation of your space.

Avoid These Renovation Mistakes when hiring a contractor

home builder

When it comes to home renovation projects, remember that the more informed you are, the fewer errors you will make. By knowing what to do, you will be able to maximize the use of your money and time and ensure that your project does not require an overhaul in a couple of months. The best way to avoid renovation mistakes is to get the support of a licensed and experienced contractor. Professionals will not only handle the renovation work for you, but they will also offer leadership and guidance and they will know ways of preventing and correcting any mistakes to avoid costly repairs in the future.

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