Furniture Spray Painting Dublin

We will spray paint your old furniture and bring back it all back to life with a fresh new coat of paint

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Peoples Review

We have delivered a lot of work in the past, and our customer reviews speak for itself.

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Working Times

We are happy to work out of hours so that your staff, clients and working day are not affected.

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Our friendly team of painters are fully qualified and will guarantee a perfect job well done.

Types of Furniture Spray Painting we do


One of our specialties at ATRenovations is spray painting furniture in Dublin, One of our previous jobs was to paint a bunch of chairs. We converted an old set of chairs into a brand new looking set of chairs which will be used for a long time. We use waterproof paint when spray painting to ensure durability and and a long lifespan on any of our work.


We have painted hundreds of tables in Dublin, ranging from small to large sizes. When painting tables, we make sure to pick the correct spray paint, so that it can be easily washed, and would last for many years. Our paint that we use is suitable for washing, drying, and eating from without any loss of color.

table spray painting
cabinets painting


A tricky one, but we manage to do it perfectly every time! We spray paint cabinets in any color that is available. Before working on a cabinet, we make sure to remove all the dirt from it, and smooth out the surface using sandpaper, so that the paint will stick perfectly, and not loose its color for many years to come.

Some of our previous work done

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If you would like to get your Furniture Fixed up by us, please send a quote request to us, or you can contact  our  Furniture Spray painting professionals at 016274717. For us to get a better and more accurate quote done for you, please describe with some detail about the job required. When sending your quote request, please mention the type of furniture and the amount needed to be done.

Why should you get your Furniture painted in Dublin?

Getting your Furniture Spray painted is just as important as getting your house painted. It is important to look after your furniture because the paint will act like a protection layer for your beloved furniture and it will make sure that your wooden chairs will not rot away.


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