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Guide to House Renovation costs

Many home owners decide to get their houses fixed up in Ireland without knowing the exact cost of such a project. When planning to do your own renovation, you have to make sure that you look at all the facts first and get to know what how much the project will cost you.

Renovations are typically split into 3 categories, (Surface-level, Remove-Replace and Full house renovations). To help you out, we will make sure to give you all the details and prices that are usually included during those renovations in Ireland.

house renovations

Different types of renovations and the cost

As you may know, each renovation can be different and the costs can vary alot. Usually the bigger the modifications that you plan on doing to your house, the higher you can expect to pay. Also materials used play a big factor in the project end price as luxurious materials can get a little bit expensive.

1. Surface-level renovations

Surface level renovations are one for the most common types of renovations done. These types of projects are almost always done quickly within a couple of weeks. During this project you will not be removing any wall or dismantling walls, instead of that you will be fixing up what you have. Since you don’t have to remove or rebuild any new walls or surfaces, this project can be done relatively cheaply and can be done in under €5000.

2. Remove and Replace Renovations

Materials cost

This type of project can sometimes cost you quite a bit. Since in a (remove and replace) type project, you would be excpected to remove all the walls and floors. By removing all the walls and floors in your home, you will then have to build it back up from scratch which would require a lot of materials. Building materials can start to add up quickly, especially with the prices in Ireland. If you look at the typical Building material (MDF Sheet), 1 single piece would set you back up to €30 and imagine if you need hundreds of these, you would be splashing out money quickly.

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On average for a 2 story house (3 bedrooms), if you plan on removing and replacing the floors and walls. The Total cost for materials would be around €5500.

Labor Cost

Paying for the materials is one thing, but what about the labor? Builders in Dublin, Ireland are usually not free and need to be paid by the hour, well Unless you have a nice neighbor working in construction. So for a typical 2 story house, with 3 bedrooms you would need to hire at least 3 builders for a duration on 3 weeks at a minimum if you are planning to remove and replace walls and floors. The medium wage for a typical builder is around €15 per hour, but don’t forget that if you hired them through a company, it can cost a little bit more than that, typically around €20 per hour, per builder. So if you do the math that’s €480 to hire 3 builders for 1 day (roughly). And if the project lasts for around 3 weeks, you would have to pay about €7200 just for the labor.

The Total Price

So in total for an ordinary 2 story house in Dublin, you would pay a minimum of €12700 for a remove and replace renovation. But of course it all can vary. Some people might choose to spend a little extra on luxury materials and some might save some cash by buying low quality material.

3. Full House Renovations

As you might have guessed it, having a renovation is an expensive project, especially when you plan to do a Full-House. During a full house renovation project, you are expected to fully update your home which includes all the rooms and bathrooms. Lets go through all the typical things you would do in a full house renovation project.

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bathroom renovation 1 1

Having your bathroom renovation done is an important part that sometimes is-int always done as it should be. In a bathroom you can update a number of things like the shower cabin and the toilet. As you can imagine, this would start to add to the total project price as these upgrades cost a lot. The price of a typical shower cabin in Dublin would set you back about €200 – €300. Or if you plan on upgrading you toilet which would cost you an additional €300.


kitchen renovation

Getting work done on your kitchen is also important to do during any renovation. In a kitchen you should focus on updating the walls and floors because they are one for the main view points that visitors will notice in your home. Sometimes updating the kitchen Backsplash can be a good idea if its starting to look old an outdated. Modern Backsplashes can cost  roughly €400 to €600 per 16 square for the medium quality ones. If you go for the more high end ones, you can expect to pay out between €650 to €1000 per 16 square foot.


Having your furniture done during a home renovation is another great way to improve the overall look of the house. Furniture comes in all different shapes and sizes which includes all sorts of price ranges. Prices for furniture vary’s from the quality and the material used. We recommend that you only update furniture that is over 5 years old and looks outdated. Normal furniture to replace can include chairs, tables, shelves, desks. Here is a price list for the main furniture items. You don’t always have to get new furniture though. Furniture can easily be painted to make it look like new.

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Chairs €66
Kitchen Table€275
Study Desk€300
Bathroom Shelf€35

Of course all these prices will var’y if you decide to get some super antique furniture or maybe a luxurious design. So the total estimate for a full-house renovation would cost about €360,000.

This value will depend on the size of your home. A good way to calculate the estimate for your home is by figuring out how many square meters are in your home. Them Multiply the square meters by 3.5 thousand. Typically there is around 110 – 120 square meters in a 3 bedroom house. Hopefully you enjoyed this blog and will have a better understanding of what goes into a house renovation in Dublin.

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