Professional and Reliable House Renovations Kildare

professional house renovations in Kildare

ATRenovations was first originated in Kildare around 2008. Our company supplies a wide variety of services, and one of them is house renovations in Kildare. No matter how big or small the task is, we are sure to help you out with any jobs available. Our House renovation service guarantees a beautiful house to live in after the job is done.

Each project can be different and we know that. You don’t always have to fix everything in your home. Usually there are 3 main things (floors, paint, bathroom) that go into a renovation, you pick what should be done. If You wish to get something done in your home, then you can make use of our painting services. Or maybe your flooring is a little bit outdated? Then drop our team a quick message and we will work with you to get you a house that you will enjoy to live in.

Don’t worry if you are not located exactly in Kildare, we are more than happy to work with anyone around Ireland. So make sure to get in touch and discuss about your future house renovation with us.

House Renovation Services in Kildare

We offer a lot of services which will in turn make sure that your home looks just like new. You can’t go wrong with getting a renovation done because any little update you do in your home will increase its value. So you are guaranteed a higher sale price if you have to sell it in the future.

We don’t just stop at House renovations, our company can cover your whole house and garden. Our priority is to make sure that you and your house is taken care of professionaly. Here is some of the services that we have available at ATRenovations.

  • Renovations Kildare
  • Bathrooms Kildare
  • Tiling Kildare
  • Insulation Kildare
  • Flooring Kildare
  • Wallpaper Kildare

Were a company that Delivers Results

house renovations

ATRenovations have been working in this trade for long enough now to guarantee great results. With the help of our professional team you can be assured to have a better looking house in no time for an affordable and reasonable price. We make sure to use only the best materials that will fit your budget and will consult with you before any purchase.

Our Quotations

If you wish to work with us, we will then give you a quotation which is based on your project requirements. In the quotations, we will include the total for the estimated labour and the materials cost. This quotation will be thoroughly discussed with you covering every aspect of the price.

With our years of experience we can assure that you will get a reasonable and affordable price without sacrificing any safety or quality of the project. Make sure to call us to start the project that you have in mind.

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