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How to Add Space in Your Home with an Extension

Small house extensions can help to boost the value and space of your home. A well-designed and modest extension can be quite transformative, bringing in extra daylight, improving flow and circulation, linking existing spaces, and changing the aspects of a specific room. Whether you are considering a loft conversion or adding a porch, a side turn home extension or a single story extension, you can always add extra space and value to your home if you get everything right. If you have a small home and would love additional space, here are a few tips to help you out.

Add a Porch

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Adding an enclosed porch is a perfect way to increase space in your home.  Even though a porch is just a small space, it can be quite effective in adding extra room to your home and a feeling of more space.  The porch can act an effective buffer against the elements, especially in homes where the front door directly opens into the living room. A porch is also a perfect way of making your small hallway feel spacious or bigger.

Convert Your Garage

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For homes that have an integral garage, it can be worthwhile to covert it and create a new living area during any home renovations in Dublin. This is a great and inexpensive way of adding space because most of the challenging work has already been done, for example, the foundations and the walls. However, it is best that you consult with a local estate agent so that you do not damage the value of your property or reduce its sale ability. Converting your garage to a new living space can be valuable with regards to living space and the potential profit that you will get when you decide to sell the home. Garage conversions make sense especially in neighborhoods where street parking is not a problem or those that have off street parking spaces.

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Add a Box Window

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A box window can be the perfect solution, especially in homes where every inch counts. This is because you will be able to expand the limited living space and will also have a show-stopping visual feature in your home. Box windows are just an update of the customary oriel windows that are on the upper storey of period buildings, these traditional glazed boxes usually protrude from the wall and they are strong enough to form a window seat. Be sure to include a box window with an extension or one in the adjoining main building. You can opt for a chick frameless version to help in maximizing the daylight or go for black framing for a classic definition.

Loft Extension or Conversion

The attic or loft of a home is in most cases used to store unused items. However, converting this area into a useable living space is one of the ways of adding value to your home. Loft conversions and extensions may not require planning permission; however, you will have to check the plants with your loft conversion specialist to be sure. A loft conversion can be carried out within the existing roof space or you can also remove sections of your roof to help extend out and then create additional headspace. Based on the available footprint, you can add 1 or 2 bedrooms and an extra bathroom creating additional space for your growing family, home office space, or guest bedroom.

Basement Extension

basement extension

With the living space above the ground at premium, homeowners can increase the size of their home by 50% or more by digging down. Basement extensions are a great idea because they do not take any garden space. Furthermore, you may not require planning permission if you add a basement without changing the external appearance of your home. With your basement extension, you can create a games room for adults and children, arts and crafts area, utility room, storage area, guest space, entertainment or home cinema space.

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Front Extensions

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One of the most overlooked way of adding space to an existing home is adding an extension to the front of the house. With a simple extension such as a porch, you can transform the look of your home and get a space where you can shelter from the rain and has somewhere to keep your coats and muddy boots. You can also combine the front extension with a garage extension to help elongate the full length of your house. A Builder can help to create larger living rooms, a bigger garage conversion, and larger entrance halls.

Rear Home Extension

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You can opt to extend the back area of your house to create a perfect space for entertaining your guests. This can help to add more value and a touch of class to your property, especially when you enlarge the kitchen dining space or add a summer room or conservatory. This would be even more important than house painting. If you opt to add an extra room off the kitchen, for example, a summer room or conservatory, then you can enjoy your garden all year round.

Build a Garage Walkway

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If your property has an outbuilding, for example, a barn, converted garage or any other outdoor building on your land, you can use a covered walkway to link this space to the rest of your property. This is a perfect way of increasing the usable square meters and bringing the separate building together to help form one home while retaining the privacy within the two individual buildings. Glazed walkways are a perfect solution, particularly for properties that have planning restriction or those that do not have the option of a solid link. If well designed, covered walkways can help to add value to your property and improve your lifestyle.

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Small extensions are a great way of creating more space, more light, more value, and adding a wow factor to your home. House extensions are ideal if you want to have a home office, an extra bedroom or you feel that your family has grown and any extra space will make everyone comfortable. With an extension, you can increase your living space without the need to move to a bigger home. For a successful home extension project, ensure that you plan extensively and consult your home extension contractor.

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