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kitchen extension in Dublin

Are you looking for kitchen extension services in Dublin? A kitchen extension is a popular way of updating your home and is always the first thing homeowners consider when making improvements. Most people have many reasons for extending their kitchens, however, the main goal is to offer more space for families to spend more time in their kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and a great place to chitchat while preparing or enjoying a meal. It is also a great place for family members to catch up while enjoying their morning tea. When done correctly, a kitchen extension is the perfect way of transforming your home and increasing the value of the property. If you plan on selling your home in the future, a large or new-looking kitchen is one of the factors that will attract potential buyers to your property and will also pay the money that you are quoting. Today, kitchen extensions are about creating a space or hub where family members and guests can gather to eat, entertain, and relax.

Our house renovations company offers extension services to homeowners in Dublin and surrounding areas. Our industry leading expertise in quality builds is acknowledged throughout Dublin and surrounding neighborhoods. Our in-house designers and builders will not only improve the beauty of your home, but will also add value to your existing property. We have competent and knowledgeable experts who will help you in each step of extending your kitchen, while making sure that your home gets more value as we have achieved for the many clients we have served in the past.


Quality Kitchen Extensions in Dublin

When you want small kitchen extensions or want to create a big entertaining space in your kitchen, we can help you get the design and dream kitchen that you desire. We will work with you to utilize the available space within your home and tailor the new kitchen extension to suit the design of your property. We will be happy to offer you a free estimate, and then get started on your home extension. Our company will be ready when you are! Share all your kitchen extension ideas with us, and we will make all your desires a reality. Our home extension specialists will take care of each annoying little detail for you. At our company, customer service is always our first priority.


Kitchen Extensions for All Types of Houses

Our kitchen extensions experts can handle all types of houses providing there is adequate room.  This includes terraced houses, bungalows, and detached houses. If you are not sure whether your kitchen can be extended, talk to us and we will help you find the answer. We are versatile and flexible enough to handle kitchen extensions for any home. Whether your renovation project involves new builds or not, we will take care of everything and give you premium quality results. We offer clients kitchen extension services in a range of finishes and colors allowing you to be creative with the appearance. When you work with us, you are free to choose from a variety of hardware options, roof tile options, configurations, and glazing options.

Extension That Suits Your Budget

A kitchen extension project that is within your budget will meet all your needs for additional space and enhance the appearance and value of your home. Our renovation experts at ATRenovations have the skills and expertise needed to deliver a seamless transition from your kitchen as it currently is, to a more spacious and larger kitchen that you really desire. We work closely with clients throughout the process to ensure that we deliver kitchen extension services that are within your budget. We will help you source for the best materials and offer labor services without exceeding your budget.

How We Work

We typically arrange an on-site visit to your home to have a clear understanding of your vision and get a feel of the kitchen space that we will be extending. We will then go to the drawing board and offer you several initial draft ideas, which we are certain will offer you the inspiration you need to realize your unique vision. We will share with you the practical aspects of achieving your dream kitchen before we start working on your project. This includes things like the size and use of the available space when extending, building access, planning permission, expected project timeframe, and project budget.

Once everything is in place, we are ready to start the work and all you need to do is just sit back and let us handle the rest. Our professional and experienced builders team will do what they always do best. Before you know it, you will be standing right in the kitchen that you have always wanted to have in your home.

Our kitchen extension services are a perfect way of creating extra space within your home without spending lots of money. You can be confident that our cost-effective extensions feature modern designs that will offer your kitchen a range of exceptional features that will help transform your current kitchen into a comfortable space that you will love using year after year.


Kitchen Extensions Planning Permission

The need for planning permission is mainly dependent on your kitchen extension requirements. Generally, kitchen extensions that only change the inside of the building may not need planning permission, but if a new construction is involved, then planning permission is necessary. Our planning permissions are created to boost the chances of a successful application for your kitchen extension project. Our company has been in existence for many years and we have developed a range of strong relationships that we utilize to increase the chances of your extension application being successful.

Choose the Best Company for Your Kitchen Extension

We are one of the best kitchen extension companies in Dublin and we have been offering home extension services to homeowners across Dublin and surrounding areas. Hundreds of homeowners have enjoyed the immense benefits of using our kitchen extension design and building services. When you work with us, you are assured of our commitment to exceptional service, quality assurance, client satisfaction, and long-lasting value. Our customers know that we offer truly professional kitchen extension services.

Regardless of the size of your kitchen extension needs, we have the ideal solution for your home. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to handle any kitchen extension in Dublin. Our tailor-made, through services combines planning, the design stage, up until full completion. Our company has a track record for delivering extension services on budget and on time. Contact us today to get your dream kitchen.

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Adding space to a small kitchen can sometimes be a though task. But with the help of our experienced builders, you will have a huge kitchen in no time. All our prices are fair and will include the materials cost and labor prices. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Our Kitchen Extension Service

We have built a great reputation in Dublin over the past 10 years of fixing up peoples homes. When it comes to adding space or even painting your walls in a fresh new color, we are the best option out there. Our huge expertise gives us the ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet your deadlines.