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Different Types of Plastering Services Dublin we offer

Bonding Plastering

At ATRenovations we offer multiple plastering services in Dublin. One of the plaster that we use it the bonding plaster. Bonding is an undercoat plastering type. This means it is the very first layer of plaster, or the undercoat to be applied to a new (or to be patched) wall. When it is wiped of with a trowel, it is usually scratched with a nail to give a “key” for the top coat, or finish plaster to adhere to. Bonding plaster has a high rate of “stickability” and and does not need to be on an absorbent surface to bond to.

Different Types of Plastering Services Dublin we offer

Browning Plastering

Another type of material that we sometimes use for plastering in Dublin is with Browning. Browning is mainly used as the first coat on a more absorbing surface. This type of material works a lot better on areas where your went through with a mechanical key and sometimes you will see bricklayers “raking out” the joints of block and brick walls which are to have a Browning plastering cover.

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Different Types of Plastering Services Dublin we offer

Hardwall Plastering

Hardwall plastering is something that we also offer at ATRenovations. Hardwall is a similar plaster to Browning, but it offers a higher resistance and quicker drying times. It is also mostly used as a undercoat most of the time on masonry surfaces in Dublin. Please consult with us on which of our plastering services would suit you best, so give us a call for a free quote today.

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Why is a plasterer needed in Dublin?

Hiring a plasterer is essential if you need to fix up your house walls or ceilings. Plastering is done to prevent any water to get inside of the bricks or surface under the plaster coat. To cover up the ugly brick work done by the initial home builders. Since brick laying is usually not evenly done, the plaster will cover all of that and convert an uneven surface into a nice smooth surface ready to be painted. Call our experts using the call us button below.


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