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Should You Get a House Extension?

For many, a time comes when we have to choose between getting a house extensions dublin project, leaving the house in its current state, and moving to a new one. Many, and understandably so, tend to lean towards the extension option. For centuries, people have constructed small outbuildings as a way to gain more additional space for working or storage. Modern house extensions include:

·       Porches

·       Loft conversions

·       Single, double, or multiple-story extensions

·       Conservatories, orangeries, and outbuildings

·       Garage extensions

·       Kitchen extensions

So, should you get a house extension? Is that a good idea? I would say yes, but then add that this will depend on many factors. It is advisable to know your position well before going on. You can do a “SWOTanalysis where you consider your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats.

Here are some factors you ought to consider:


1. Attachment to their current home

If you are attached to your house, as many people are, a house extension will be the better choice for you. Moving to a new house is not easy. For people who have lived in a particular place for a long time, going to a new location seems like losing a friend. If you are one of those people who are in love with their current location and current neighbors, and you have the space, then extending your property is the ideal solution.

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2. The locality of your house

Location, Location, Location is a common phrase in the real estate markets. If the neighborhood of your building is nice but feels small and old, you can opt for an extension. Enlarging a house in a poor location could be of little benefit economically. This should also be the case for you when choosing whether to do a house extension or not. If your feel for the neighborhood is good and there are no limiting factors, then a go ahead to do your house extension.

3. Cost

The costs of doing a house extension depend on the extension size, the location of the house, and the scale of the work done. Costs will vary depending on:

-Whether the extension is on the side or back

-Whether the extension is double or single story

-The elements used for extension

House painting is required or not

Building a house extension is a great way to add extra space without having to incur additional costs such as stamp duty and legal fees.

home extension

4. Planning permissions for extension

Unlike putting up a new house, when doing a house extension, one does not always need extension planning permissions. Expansion privileges allow owners to expand and improve their homes without the need to apply for development permissions. In many countries, authorities have permitted house owners to make changes to their homes without having to reach them. That is allowed if:

· No changes have been made to the preexisting rooftop

· The top of the extension is not higher than the highest roof

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· The extension is less than half of the existing land

· The extension doesn’t have a microwave aerial

· There is no vent pipe or furnace in the extension

6. The hassle and cost of moving out

Let us be frank; for most people, moving out is not only tiresome but also expensive. The situation is more so for some people than others. The amount of hassle and the cost depends on the quantity and nature of resources in the house. If the price of moving out is too high and other factors remain constant, one should get a house extension.

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7. The benefits of the extension to your house

Although statistics vary from place to place, most show that house extensions can increase the value of a residence with double digits percentage. If your sole reason for doing a house extension is to add its utility, then you will need to speak to a real estate agent first and get a feel of the value of your house and the extra profit the extension could bring. Adding a home extension adds value to your house whether you want to put it in the market or live there and sell it later. If your only purpose of getting a house extension is to add value to your house, then two key things need be on your mind:

· Quality – You should make sure that your extension appeals to the buyer’s taste. A skilled architect will help you ensure quality extensions.

· Size – You should ensure that the costs to be incurred match the extent of extension. This will enable you to make profits if you choose to to sell.

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8. Availability of free unutilized space

All rational humans strive for optimal utilization of resources. House extensions help you make good use of your free space. By enlarging the area of your story, you minimize the underutilization of land, meaning that your house will be better and more spacious for you, your family, and friends to live in. If there is an existing underutilized space in your place, you may need to consider adding an extension.

9. Ability to convert the house; your decision should suit your lifestyle

Before making any decisions on moving or extending the house, you will first need to check the condition of your premises. You then need to check if it suits your lifestyle. If not, then you and your architect will have to brainstorm and see if it can be made to measure and to fit your needs and lifestyle. Then you have to make a decision between extending, moving and leaving the house in its current state.

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