Should You Paint Your House During A Renovation?

Should You Paint Your House During A Renovation?

Every homeowner will carry out a home renovation project at some point in time. Home renovations may range from simple projects like minor kitchen upgrades to complex projects like tearing out or rebuilding a bathroom or kitchen. Most of us will agree that during a renovation, painting your home can refresh, update, and transform your home. Painting is one of the home improvement strategies that produce immediate results and is cost-effective. A renovation project that included newly painted walls will give life to your run down or worn out aesthetics. Here are the reasons why you should paint your home during a renovation.

Increase the Value of your Home

House painting can help to boost the curb appeal and overall real estate value of your property. This can be helpful in the evaluation of your assets and can also come in handy if you are planning a resale. Painting is an affordable way of upgrading your house before selling it. A professional paint contractor will make your house look cleaner, newer, and more attractive.

Improve the Health of Your Environment

Over the years and with improving technology paint has changed a lot. Using premium quality low VOC or zero VOC paints release less toxins and they are a healthier option for everyone. This can be an ideal choice for families that have children or people with chemical sensitivities, allergies, and respiratory issues. These paints have no odor and very little or no hazardous fumes and they will improve the air quality of your house. You need to make healthy choices after a renovation because you spend more time in your house than anywhere else.

Improved Homeowner Outlook and Positive Energy

Sometimes, changing the exterior and interior colors of your home after a renovation can transform the outlook of your home and living environment. White or light paints will make small spaces or rooms appear bigger. Bright colors can also make a playroom or family room more vibrant and fun. Pastels can help to make your bedroom appear serene and cozy.

Hides Permanent Stains and Marks

Should You Paint Your House During A Renovation?

Sometimes, remodeling projects may result in permanent marks or stains on your walls or other surfaces. By painting the exterior and interior walls, trim, and other surfaces in the home, homeowners can cover permanent stains or marks that prove difficult to remove. This means that you will end up with a home that looks great inside out.


The surfaces of your home endure daily wear and tear. Walls go through a lot from hanging things, absorbing lots of light, to all the grime, dust, and dirt. As a result, they tend to get worn out and dirty pretty quickly. When renovating your home, it is best to give your walls and other surfaces a new coat of paint. This will add a new layer of protection against moisture that can lead to extensive damage or mold and mildew growth. Painting will help to repel dust, dust, and allergens and will make it easier to keep the house clean.

Improve Curb Appeal

You should never underestimate the aesthetic value that a fresh painting can bring to your home. You will feel a new sense of connection and inspiration whenever you get back home. A home that shows signs of weather damage or tear and wear from age can overshadow your efforts of remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or maintaining a beautiful landscape. If repainting the whole house is not in your budget, you can opt to paint the gutters and trim for a more subtle, but noticeable facelift.

Enhances Personalization

When you buy a house, all the paint colors are pre-determined. This means that you did not choose the colors before you moved in. when renovating your space, you can opt for a painting project to make your house feel like a home. Renovation painting gives you an opportunity to coordinate the colors of the walls and surfaces with your furniture and décor pieces and most notably your personality. Your home will be more pleasurable if it has the colors that you love the most.

Make your Home Look Brand New

With a good paint job, a very old, but recently renovated home can look modern and new. When done properly, a fresh coat of paint can cover dents, marks, dings, and stains on the walls or ceiling. This can come in handy for busy families that put lots of wear and tear on the surfaces of the home. With paint, you can give your space a welcoming and fresh look.

Most Inexpensive Remodel

Does your house need a new, fresh look? Today, most homeowners have discovered that there is nothing quite affordable like painting to help refresh the living and home environment. Painting comes at just a fraction of the cost of other remodels. A gallon of paint usually costs between $ 15 to 50, but you can pay more for premium quality paints. Depending on the color schemes and quality of paint that you choose, you can create a new feel within your interior or exterior space.

As you can see painting your house during a remodel project has immense benefits. Painting will do more to your home than just updating the look and feel of your space. Freshening up the look of your property can increase buyer interest especially if you want to sell your home. Be sure to hire the best commercial painting contractor to ensure that every little detail is taken care of, from buying high-quality paints to putting the right number of coats on your surface to guarantee a long-lasting paint job.

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