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Wall paneling is a trendy and popular type of wall treatment that has in the last few years taken over other kinds of wall finishing like painting, cladding with tiles, and wallpapering. This is because of the durability, cost, and hygiene levels associated with wall paneling. Wall paneling can be a more economical option compared to painting, tiles or wallpaper. Wall panels can also conceal unsightly features like exposed wiring or cables and conceal wall flaws. Homeowners opt for wall panels as a way of enhancing the look of the property. Wood paneling can be used to eliminate the monotony of bare wall surfaces and create an inspiring feeling in a home. If you feel that your walls are flat and boring, wall panels can be installed by a team of carpenters and offer a variety of materials and designs for dressing them up.

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Benefits of Installing Wall Panels

Wall panels offer the benefit of concealing cables, wires, and built-in wall components that should not be visible. With customized cuts and careful fitting, you can be sure that wall panels can hide almost everything. You need to hire professional wall paneling experts to guarantee the best results for your home.


A Variety of Materials

Traditionally, wall paneling was made of wood. Today, there are modern materials like melamine and medium-density fiberboard that is impact-resistant and lasts longer. These materials are perfect for high-traffic areas that are susceptible to denting and scuffing. Melamine is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens because it is moisture resistant and does not rot or warp.


Protects the Walls

Paneling is not meant for decorative purposes alone, but it also has a functional purpose of protecting the walls from damage. With impact resistant paneling, you will not have to deal with dents or scratches and replacing wall panels is much easier compared to the repair of drywall.


Numerous Design Choices

With wall panels, you can enjoy flexible design options. Wall panels can be stained or painted in any way that suits your personality and tastes. If you want your walls to have a rustic design, then reclaimed wood paneling will help you achieve that look. Board and batten paneling can draw your eyes upwards with their vertical boards and shiplap creates a perfect horizontal wall treatment. Additionally, board and batten paneling helps to add character to half of your wall with V-groove and breadboard paneling.


Helps to Hide Wall Defects

If you have flawed or damaged walls, wall paneling will help to hide them. They can be installed even on uneven or rough surfaces to camouflage any unattractive features on your walls. Paneling is a perfect option for homeowners who want to enhance the richness and style of their property without spending a significant amount of money. Wall paneling will give your home or business a touch of elegance and class.

These are just some of the advantages of installing wall paneling. You can trust and rely on the best company in Dublin to help you upgrade your space by installing wall panels. We have knowledgeable and expert designers and installers to back us up. Call us today for a free quote on your next wood paneling project.

Types of Wall Paneling

Decorative Wall Paneling

If you want to improve the aesthetics of a room then you should go for decorative wall paneling. Some homeowners also install decorative wall panels to offer protection for the wall surface and perevent damage. Decorative walls panels are made from gypsum boards, metals, laminate, pre-fabricated boards, fabric, PVC sheets, and more. This paneling is perfect for residential homes, commercial spaces, industrial, religious, institutional, and more.

Tile Board Paneling

tile board paneling

Tile board is basically MDF board or medium density fiberboard with a melamine layer on top making it look like a customary ceramic tile. They are easier to install and do not involve civil work. Tile board paneling is ideal for kitchens, pantry, bathtubs, toilets, café, and more.

Utility Paneling

When it comes to utility panels, they are used to hold or hang things. These panels are usually perforated hardboard with rows of small holes for holding pegs and nails. One can utilize the whole surface as a utility panel or just part of the wall. They are available in different color finishes and wooden texture finishes. Utility panels are ideal for kitchens, commercial spaces, garages, and many more.

Acoustics Paneling

Raw walls tend to reflect sound back and can create echoes in a room. To enhance the acoustical properties of your home, you should install surfaces that absorb sound. Acoustical panels are perfect for absorbing sound and they offer a proper sound effect. With acoustic panels, you can control the noise levels in your space and prevent the transfer of noise through the walls. Acoustic panels are available in fabric materials, perforated board panels, and foam sheets and are applicable to classrooms, schools, cinema theatres, auditoriums, home theatres, and many more.

External Paneling

There are different wall panels perfect for external wall surfaces. They are available in a variety of materials like cement fiber boards, PVC, bricks, wood, tiles, and pre-cast concrete. They help to protect the exterior wall surface from the harsh atmospheric effect.

Notwithstanding the type of wall paneling that you want to install for your business or home, our wall paneling service will help you out in Dublin. Our professionals have experience installing all types of paneling and you can trust them to deliver an excellent job.

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Guaranteed Value for Money

When you work with us for your wall paneling project, we will stand behind our name and offer the best wall paneling services ever. We install offer wall paneling services for less, because we procure our materials in bulk and save lots of money in the process.

Customer Service

Today consumers are more cautious and sophisticated and they need exemplary customer service. We ensure that all our wall paneling projects are handled effectively and quickly. We ensure that all phone calls and emails are answered promptly and we always show up early and well-prepared for our work. We also understand that wood paneling projects can affect the routine of your family and we will work with minimal distraction within your home. While working our team of experts will focus their time and attention to where it is needed: directly on your walls to ensure that we deliver the best job possible.

Timely Delivery

The time it takes for us to install wall panels will vary greatly from one project to another. However, we understand how precious schedules and timelines are when it comes to building projects of any kind. We pride ourselves in being professional, efficient and we will meet all our pre-agreed deadlines. Our team of wall paneling installers in Dublin will leave all your rooms clean and ready to use after the installation process.

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If you want to create a highly impressive and top quality statement wall, our wall paneling services are ideal. We offer our clients a range materials and finishes to make certain that the wall paneling you choose blends with the existing décor of your room. Our teams of wall panel installers are committed to providing excellent customer service and exceptional quality finished products. We regularly install wall panels in homes, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, and lounges. For custom wall paneling in Dublin, get in touch with us today.

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