Get your Wallpaper Hung by ATRenovations today, many materials and designs available. We offer one of the most professional services for a relatively low price point. All our staff team have been trained and have a lot of experience with hanging wallpaper in Dublin. Make sure to get in touch for a free quote today.

Why choose our Wallpaper Hanging service?

Quality Materials

When picking out a Material to hang for you, we only use the top quality available.

custom wallpaper hanging

Custom Styles

If you need a custom design, no worries, we can get any design printed.

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Our Speed

Time is money, so our Dublin hanging team is very speedy and efficient.

Types of materials we use

linen wallpaper hanging

Our service offers different types of wallpaper & wall paneling materials to hang. One of these material types is the liner material, also known as lining paper.Lining paper is made from fiberglass, it is useful for hiding wall damage and it can be used as a first layer before more delicate material is applied. This material is easy to apply and remove.


Printed wallpaper is a common material that is used by our hanging experts at ATRenovations. The printed material we hang is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. This type of material is digitally printed which is much cheaper than the hand-printed types, But it can easily be thorn apart, so not recommended for kitchens or bathrooms.

printed wallpaper hanging
viny wallpaper hanging

Another wallpaper material is vinyl. The vinyl material is usually made up of  a printed layer with a vinyl layer on top of it. This type of material is extremely durable and cost effective. This type of material can be used all over the house, including bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. This type material can also be washed.

ATRenovations specialize in hanging wallpaper all around Dublin, Ireland, and one of our favorite materials to hang is by far Mylar, mainly because of its wet and shiny appearance. This Mylar material is made out of a printed paper base and a polyester film on top of it. The polyester layer on top, makes this type of wallpaper washable, mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms.

mylar wallpaper hanging

Our Wallpaper hanging tips

Hanging wallpaper in your home is a big job, it requires skill and team work in order to hang any items on your wall the correct way, without it looking horrible. This Job is usually done by at least two people as you need to hang large strips of material on the wall which can get messy if done alone.

Pick your wallpaper when starting a this activity in your home. There are many types of materials available out there like, liner, printed, Vinyl and Mylar. Pick the right material for you, by deciding if it needs to be waterproof, if it needs to be durable ect ect.

Sand down your walls before starting as this will help minimize any parts sticking out and making your work look bad. It is recommended to use a 50-grit sandpaper when preparing the wall.

Apply Paste with a paint roller to your wallpaper, but make sure to roll on the paste, don’t dunk it, or else there will be big blobs of paste that will look ugly under it. You can usually use a paint roller for applying the paste on the wallpaper, but any type of paint brush will work just fine.

Overlap corners when doing the side parts of a wall, since corners on a wall are rarely straight you can’t cut the exact length of the material to fit perfectly. You will need to cut a little extra length than needed so that the wallpaper will go after the corner and then overlap the next piece.

Wipe down the material as you continue to hang it, this will ensure that any extra paint will be evenly spread and wont leave any large blobs in the center. You can wipe down the wallpaper with a sponge that but make sure that your sponge is not too wet as this can then cause a whole lot of other problems, such as the paper loosing its color or even tearing.

Some of our previous work in Dublin

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Why is it important to get your wallpaper hung?

Wallpaper is a massively important part of any home because it is what covers your walls and is the first thing that any visitors see when the come into your house. Having this done regularly will also keep any damage done to the wall hidden, also there is no need to waste time painting when you choose to hang wallpaper. Get a quote or call us by clicking the button below.


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