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If you plan to move houses or maybe you just want to renovate your current home, ATRenovations is here to help you out. Getting your House Renovations Dublin is important and should only be done by a team of professional builders. We cover all the parts of a house renovation, which includes doing some painting, flooring, and fixing up your old bathroom. Our company has been working with home-owners in Dublin since 2008, so we have a good few years of experience under our belt and can ensure a quality job done for an affordable price. Make sure to give us a call or fill out the form if you have any house-related work that we can help you with.

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If you are planning to move houses or maybe you need to get your current house fixed up in Dublin. We are here to help you with any jobs that you may require. We specialize in  Flooring, Painting, Tiling, or even getting  full house renovations done. A house is often needed to be painted and fixed up here and there, and these types of jobs normally have to be done by the best business. Our Company has been helping home-owners in Dublin just like you for many years, so you can be assured that the highest standards are always carried out by us. If you would like to get a home renovation done by us, please give us a call, or get a FREE online quote today!

Quality House Renovations service in Dublin


At ATRenovations, we have a dedicated house painters team which are fully qualified to carry out any painting jobs that you need when getting your home renovated. We know how essential painting & decorating is, so we offer the most affordable prices for painters out there in Dublin, Ireland.



We have been flooring in Irish houses for over 10 years now. When you get a flooring job done by us, we will measure and consult with you about the job free of charge if it's needed. You can sleep safely with your new floor. Since we give you a 3-year warranty on all flooring work.


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Our Bathroom renovations are stunning and affordable. We do all the things possible to make a bathroom look brand-new and modern, fitting in with the latest trends. We do bathroom tiling, refurbishment, and Bathroom renovations. Drop us a message if you want a beautiful bathroom for your home.


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Our Bathroom renovations are stunning and affordable. We do all the things possible to make a bathroom look brand-new and modern, fitting in with the latest trends. We do bathroom tiling, refurbishment, and Bathroom renovations. Drop us a message if you want a beautiful bathroom for your home.


Why Choose Our House Renovations

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Fair Pricing

We have a Fair pricing policy in place which means we charge a reasonable & affordable amount for the renovations, our quotes are offered after an initial survey of the premises.

Our Policy

When we start a house renovations project for you, we make sure to update our progress by sending you photos of the work carried out. We clean up after any job is finished for you.

Friendly Staff​

Our ATRenovations Staff team is carefully picked out to be responsible, friendly, and fully qualified to do any painting, flooring, and house renovations in Dublin.


Free Consultation by Us

If you are moving into a new home, or just think about renovating your beloved house, give us a shout when you need some help with any house renovations in Ireland, no job is too big or small for us. Free Consultation is provided entirely by us to anyone because we know that having a customer knowing what should be done when getting their home renovated is very important. We normally operate all over Ireland with our main Base located in Dublin. Our normal working hours are Monday – Saturday from 8 am – 6 pm but if you need us to do a job outside these hours, we will be more than happy to help you out. Give us a call to get a free quote and a consultation today.

Why are house renovations important in Dublin?

Getting your house renovations done in Dublin is very important. Many people choose to do it because it can increase the price of your home in the future. Also getting  house renovations done will improve the safety of your home, especially when you use quality materials. It’s also important to do this type of work on your home for the appearance that it will bring. Once you finish the renovations, your home is sure to look more modern and better looking. Use the button below to give us a quick call and get your project started.

Steps to take when getting your Home Renovation done

When having some work done in your home, you should follow a couple of steps to make sure that you get the best price, and only pay for work which is needed to be done. We will list a couple of points that we have picked up during the past years that we have been painting and renovating houses all around Ireland.

Make a list of all the items you would like to have renovated in your house, for example plastering walls in the kitchen and bathroom, doing tiling in the bathroom, and painting all the house walls. Once you have your list of all the things you need to be done, you can now discuss with your home renovator and have a written reference of your requirements, it would be wise to print it off and to give to your builder for future reference.

Find an experienced builder for any type of house renovations that you plan on doing. To figure out if  he is worth your time, make sure to ask him if he is insured, having insurance is a good sign that he knows what he is doing, also it will be a good thing for you since if he is insured you won’t be risking yourself if the job is not finished or if the company closes down. A good/experienced builder has all his required licenses and permits in order and will give you a reference for previous work that he has done if you ask him. It is crucially important to have a well-experienced builder hired for any job that needs to be done in your home. Only they can do a job quickly, effectively, without any problems, and it will look much better than done by a new builder in the trade.

Get house renovations quotes done up by the company. To get a correct quote from your builder, make sure to describe in detail all your requirements and all the types of work that would be needed to be carried out in your home, then invite the contractor for a visit to your home that needs to be renovated or painted, he then will assess your property and will give you a correct quote based on your job requirements. Make sure that you also get a written estimate from the builder which states the price, material used, labor charge, paint coats ect ect, this written reference will be proof for you and the builder stating what types of jobs are needed to be done for what price.

Ask for previous work done by the builder that you are planning to hire or their company. Your builder should have no problems in producing images of their previous work if they are experienced in renovations. If he can show you a couple of Jobs that he has done in the past, he is most likely a reputable and reliable builder to hire in Dublin.

Check the reviews before hiring a builder for any type of work to be carried out in your home. Reviews are an important factor when you decide who to hire to do work in your home because reviews are proof of what previous customers thought of the work carried out by the home renovator. If you are satisfied with the reviews and have gotten some previous work images on other house renovations, then it’s a good idea to hire that builder.

Have a budget when planning to get some work done on your home, and discuss this budget with the builder. From your budget allowance, he can then give you advice on how to cut costs for example he can decide on the number of paint coats needed, the quality of tiling, or flooring from the budget estimate that you give him. A budget for your home renovation will also be a benefit for you since then you can manage your money and only get work done that will fit in the budget that you have provided.

Ask about the deposit required when hiring a builder for your house renovation in Dublin. Expect to pay about 10- 25% of the job price as a deposit payment, and only pay the full amount once you are happy with the work that has been done for you by the company.

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