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Laminate Wood Grain Flooring

One of the most popular laminate flooring material is the wood grain. Wood grain is a close resemble of real wood, but is actually made from laminate. This option is great to save some money on laminate flooring. especially if the homeowner would like to get some sort of exotic wood in mind. The options are unlimited and its very easy to find a color and pattern of “wood” that will fit to your home and to your decor. Drop us a message or request a free quote today!

Laminate Textures Flooring

Laminate Textures

We also have materials available to look like other more expensive materials such as marble, limestone, slate and traverstone. Of course the more detail and variations in the tile, the more expensive it would be to make it, since it will use more labor just to actually make the detail in the laminate floor. Even if the prices go up for some extra detailed Laminate floor types, it will still not be close as much the cost of real marble, slate or other popular stone would be.

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Laminate Patterns Flooring

Laminate Patterns

Due to the nature of Laminate floors being easy to design, there have been a lot of different patterns and styles created of this type of floor. At AT Renovations, we have a massive selection of patterns available such as classic parquet pattern, or a wood-style floor. Contact us if you would like to get a custom laminate Floor pattern made for you, we can surely make it work and suit your home.

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We have been working in Dublin for over 10 years now. When you get a job done by us, we will measure and consult with you about the job free of charge if its needed. You can sleep safe with your new floor, since we give you a 3 year warranty on all flooring Dublin.

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If you would like ATRenovations to install some new laminate floors for your house renovation in Dublin, please send us a quote online or call us today. When sending the quote, try to describe as much as you can about what type of floors you would like to get done, possibly the square meters you need and the materials that you would like to use.

Importance of getting your laminate floors fitted

Having some nice new laminate floors installed is important because the floors are what gives your house its good looks. If a house has bad laminate floors installed, it will look ugly to visitors and you risk the chance of having splinters if your floors are wooden. If your laminate floors are installed by ATRenovations, there is a high chance that they will last a lifetime. Its also important to choose good designs and patterns that will suit your house and decor, if you have a hard time deciding which color or material to use for the flooring, our experts will be more than happy to help you out.


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