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Hiring your personal carpenter is important when you have any type of woodwork that is needed to be done during a house renovation. We offer cheap prices for professional and experienced woodworkers in Dublin.

Types of Carpenter Services we offer

door hanging

Door Hanging

ATRenovations has been hanging doors for businesses and home owners for the past 10 years. We hang any type of door you need, including wooden doors, timber doors, glass doors and steel doors. If you would like us to hang any type of door for you with our Carpentry Dublin Service, give us a call and we will discuss more details with you.

Loft Converisons

We include Loft Conversions as one of our services at ATRenovations. We convert empty useless attics into beautiful secondary visitor rooms. To get your own loft conversion, either request an online quote, or you can call us on 016274717
loft conversions
handmade cabinet

Handmade Cabinets

We have a dedicated carpentry team which can make handmade Cabinets to suit your home. Our cabinets can come with any design and patterns that you wish and then can be spray painted by us for a superior look. Contact us today for a free quote.

Why Choose to get a Carpenter from us..

Hiring a professional carpenter is important when you are installing new kitchen cabinets, repairing the garage door or handling any woodwork project. Amateur woodworkers may never match the skills possessed by professional carpenters when working on your a project. Our carpenters are professional craftsmen who are ready to handle all your exterior and interior needs for your business or home. Our expert woodworkers have perfected their skills through years of training, experience, and dedication. With our professional service, clients can be confident that their projects will be completed within agreed quality standards.

We understand that projects need a high level of professionalism to prevent the costly expenses of substandard workmanship. We listen to our clients to know their desires and needs to ensure that they choose the right designs and  the most suitable materials for their homes. All our handymen take great pride in their abilities to improve or modernize the look of your home or business with everything from simple structural repairs to complex finish work. When we complete our carpentry work, you will surely enjoy it for many years to come.

No other company focuses on carpentry like us. This is the major reason why we always have a long list of contented customers around Dublin. Our professional services serves clients in residential properties business premises and commercial spaces based on the specifications of every customer. When hiring  woodworkers, you should choose our contractors for an unmatched experience.


We are experienced Carpenters

Carpentry projects can only be completed properly when contractors have the right experience and skills. This is why you should employ our carpentry experts in Dublin with any size projects you may have. Since we have carpenters who are professional and experienced, you can be sure that the job will be done based on your requirements. With our expertise and experience you can save money because we will work with your stipulated budget.  Our experienced carpenters will also help you in choosing the right kind of materials that will transform your woodwork. With our services, you can be confident that you will get professional and unmatched work in Dublin.


We have the Right Carpentry Tools

We understand that most property owners can do woodwork by themselves, but you may not have the tools and equipment needed to complete all jobs. At ATRenovations, our woodworkers are fully equipped with all the necessary devices needed to do any type of job possible.. Since we have invested in cutting-edge tools you can be confident that we are conversant with the latest trends and modern practices. We are confident that our competitors can never match our level of preparedness when it comes to offering carpentry services. With the right tools, we can eliminate wood damages throughout the construction process that may blowup your project costs.


We Offer Timely Delivery and Are Cost-Effective

When you opt for Do-it-yourself woodwork projects, you may time to complete or go unfinished. With our services, you can be confident that your projects will take the shortest time possible, without compromising on quality. By minimizing delays, we make sure that our clients will save money with their projects.


We Have the Right Connections

With years of experience under our belt, you can be sure we have the right connections and relationships over time. We have the best suppliers for wood and related accessories and we get them at highly discounted prices. Instead of purchasing wood and accessories at inflated prices, you can count on us and rest assured that your project will be completed at the best price possible.


Guaranteed Structural Integrity

With do-it-yourself carpentry or hiring an amateur carpenter, the resulting projects may lack structural integrity. As a result, there can be blunders which can prevent windows or doors from opening properly or your wooden components may have misalignment’s. It is best to hire our carpentry services to handle all your woodwork irrespective of how big or small your project its. With our professionalism, you can avoid shoddy finishes and errors. We are the best contractors in Dublin offering premium quality services that you will enjoy having in your home or business.


Team Spirit

We handle all our projects as a team. Through our team effort, we can complete the task within a reasonable time-frame and can handle both small and large projects. Our flexibility as a team enables us to split up whenever necessary, especially when handling small projects or minor repairs. With our combined years of experiences, there is honestly nothing that we have not seen or tackled over the years.



Being the best house renovation company, we pride ourselves on always getting to the job site on schedule and on time. We never leave any job half-finished or drag our feet, as some of our existing customers are only happy to tell you. While we never compromise safety or quality, all quotes for our carpentry work are carried out with affordability in mind.



There is nothing worse than having a grumpy woodworker. We promise to always have a smile on our faces come shine or rain. We pride ourselves on developing friendly working relationships with all customers because we believe that your recommendation is our reputation. We are happy to answer all your inquiries regarding our Carpentry Service in Dublin.

Every project needs expertise to bring forth the results that will assist your jobs to blend perfectly together. We help our clients to design and build the best woodwork fittings and furniture that will maximize practicality and beauty within your space. We cover everything including designing, planning, taking measurements, construction and the installation of the final products. Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your needs or requirements and see what we can offer you.

Need new floors?

Try Laminate Flooring

If you would like to try something else, give Laminate flooring a go. Laminate is made from pressed wood and is usually much more durable than traditional Hardwood. Laminate flooring will also resist scratches, moisture and wear and tear. Click the button below to read more about laminate flooring. See Service

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Some of our benefits

Our Materials

At ATRenovations we use only the top quality wood for any carpentry jobs that we do.

Stunning Desings

Our carpentry team has been creating superior cabinet designs over the past 10 years.

Professional Team

Our friendly team of Carpentry experts are fully qualified and will guarantee a job well done.

Some of our previous carpentry work


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If  you would like ATRenovations to do some carpentry work for you,  please send us a quote online or call us today. We have been doing carpentry work in Dublin over the past 12 years so we have picked up the tips and tricks over this time. We hang doors, convert lofts, create new rooms from old attics and much more. Send us a quote request, or call us today.

Why is it important to get carpentry done?

Having your own carpenter is a great benefit if you are not so experienced in the trade. So its best to call the professionals when you need some carpentry work done in Dublin. With our reasonable and affordable prices, we can assure you that you will be satisfied with our service, use the form to send us a quote today.