Greatest House Painting Tips 2020

Greatest House Painting Tips 2020

Painting the exterior and interior of your home is one of the major home renovations that you are likely to handle. Whether you need a full paint job or just need some touch up on a few areas, there are several things that must be considered to guarantee a perfect outcome. Here are a few house painting tips that will make your painting project quick and painless.

Determine the Purpose of Your Space

When painting a home, you will be dealing with two major types of paints: warm paints and cool paints. Warm paints like orange, yellow, red, and beige are warm or vivid colors because they spark imagination and evoke emotions. These colors are perfect for dining, living rooms, kitchens, and other busy areas. Cool paints represent colors like grey, brown, green, and blue. These colors have a soothing effect on your mind and they are ideal for the home office, nursery, and bedroom.  Knowing the intended use of your space will help you choose the right paint colors.

Always Test First

You should never be fooled by the color card in your local hardware store. This is because they can be misleading and may not show how the chosen tint will look on your is best that you buy a few tester pots in different shades and apply them on a small portion of your home. Be sure to view it in a different light and varying times of the day. This will help you to pick the right color scheme for your house because paint tends to look different based on the material and the light. 

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Thoroughly Inspect the Walls

Greatest House Painting Tips 2020

For you to achieve an impeccable finish, you need to know any imperfections that your ceiling or walls may have. You need to lightly sand, scrape off and rinse any flakes, cracks, and peeling areas on your walls before you apply a new coat of primer and paint. If you do not remove these imperfections, your old paint will crumble under the new weight of its replacement and you will have to start your work from scratch.  You can also use a damp cloth to remove any accumulated dust or remove greasy spots on your walls or ceiling.

Consider the Lighting

When shopping for painting supplies, you need to take into account the lighting. This is because bright LED bulbs or sunlight may significantly change the appearance of paint on your walls or ceiling. To prevent any future surprises, it is best to paint a small piece of foam board in your preferred shade and move it around your space periodically. This will enable you to get a better idea of how the paint will look at different times of day or night. 

Consider the Look of your neighborhood

While some locations do not have rules when it comes to house colors, others have laws in place determining paint colors. There are rules that must be followed if you live in an attached condo or townhouse, a historic district, or are part of a homeowner’s association. Ensure that you keep your neighborhood context in mind before commencing any painting project. It is best to look at neighboring homes to ensure that your exterior paint does not clash. Furthermore, you do not want to bring your property value down or make your neighbors mad with your color choices.

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Hire a pro

While you can easily download step-by-step painting guides or house painting videos, it is best that you let the experts handle this home improvement project for you. This is good especially for the exterior walls because painting the exterior part is not as easy and much fun as the interiors. There are step walls and ladders that must be considered. Furthermore, professional painters will handle all the prep, scrapping, and cleaning and they have the right tools for the job. Believe, your painting job will go way faster and will produce better results when you hire the pros.

Get All Paperwork Together

There are many reasons why professional painting contractors are licensed by the state authorities and have insurance. Accidents and mistakes can happen during the painting project and you want to be sure than any damages or injuries are covered by the insurance company. For example, if your painter did not check the weather report and painted the exterior of your house and it rained and the wet paint may land on your finished deck or concrete walkway. Repairing the areas covered with wet paint will be quite expensive and this is where insurance comes in. this is why you should always get a copy of the insurance and license documents of the painter before signing any contracts.

Track the Weather

After setting the date to start your exterior or interior painting job, you need to track the weather. You or your professional crew may not do the job well if it is too cold, too humid, or raining. This is because extra moisture in the air can affect how fast the paint will dry. Additionally, if you are painting in very hot areas, then you need to worry about the surface temperatures as it can be higher than the air temperature and will not be good for painting either.

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Giving your ceiling and walls a fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways of improving the interior and exterior appearance of your home. Like most remodel projects, a well-done painting project will not be a quick one. Getting your entire home painted will take time. If your painting contractor says that your house will be prepped and painted within a few days, then you need to be skeptical. Even a small home can take about a week or even more to prep and paint professionally. You need to exercise patience if you want a project that you will be proud of in the end.

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